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In addition to private voice instruction and adjunct professor of Music at Temple University, Carla Cook has extended her involvement in Music Education to include an exciting new program for young people.

In 2007 in conjunction with New York’s Jazz at Lincoln Center, (JALC) Cook developed an interactive/performance jazz program to travel to 18 schools in the New York area.

The Rhythm Exchange is a quintet including piano, bass, drums, percussion and vocals. For students K through 12, the Rhythm Exchange allows students to learn a bit about jazz history and some of the instruments used to play it.

Some of the concepts explored in the one- hour program include:

Trading fours
Call and Response

Met with such delighted response, the Rhythm Exchange has since traveled to Long Island, New York and Pennsylvania helping students make a direct correlation between the jazz tradition and today’s current popular music.

For more information on how to bring this exciting program to a school near you, contact Carla Cook.